About Hannah


A little about banana. My name is Hannah and I am bananas for cooking and baking. I began fiddling around in the kitchen around 12 years old. I started with learning how to make eggs and then graduated to successfully baking my family’s signature pound cake. Since then I was hooked. I used to only bake to entertain my friends, AKA feed hungry high school boys when they pounded at my door or the occasional awesome birthday cake.

I then discovered the world of food blogging and it forever changed my world.

I am constantly reading up on various cooking techniques, learning about ethnic foods, and experimenting in my kitchen. Food52 and thekitchn have become my new best friends. And let’s not even get into what happens when I walk into food stores. (My grocery shopping rule with the beau is one hand on the cart- I tend to wander and get inspired by ingredients and kitchen tools.)

I began this food blog after reading so many others. I wanted to document my love of cooking and a ways it has come. But thanks to the techy boyfriend, my food blog now looks the way I have always hoped it would. I hope you enjoy my silly stories as share my recipes with you.

And in case you were wondering, yes I do like bananas.