I cannot believe I haven't posted a recipe since Thanksgiving.

But let's rewind a bit. It was Thanksgiving, then I celebrated my birthday, then finals hit, I started my new job, then vacation, and before I knew it my old site was hacked. 

4 months later I am back in action for some happy belly food blogging. At least for this recipe- all those great benefits of fermented food from this yummy kimchi!

A few months ago I went out to dinner in K-Town with my cousin to show her how amazing Korean BBQ is. (I know, totally hopping on the foodie bandwagon there.) After eating, we went to the local Korean market, bought some fun ingredients to test out, and saw some of largest bags of Kimchi. Literally a 5 lb plastic bag of good yummy spicy fermented cabbage-- some had apples and pears in them and I was instantly inspired.

Trickle down to a few months late, I finally gathered all the ingredients to make it- but more like I finally got my sh*t together. Life has been pretty crazy the past few months, and it took injuring my foot (I think I did too many burpees- I know #ambitious) to realize I needed to slow down a bit, take my time, and just appreciate the now. 

But enough sap, let me tell you about this punchy kimchi. Cabbage, bok choy, daikon, apple, pears, and lots of chili paste give this sour dish its sweet and spicy elements. If looking to make your tummy a happy gut or looking for some sweet kimchi to add to kimichi fried rice, this guy is your new friend.

Happy nomming!


Servings: about 2 mason jars of kimchi