A while back the cookie monster and I bought an espresso machine. 

I'd like to consider it a wonderful investment.

But, amidst this new found hobby of learning all there is to about coffee and wanting to be a nomad barista, cookie monster decided to get all the coffee beans. We are still month's later trying to get through the various types we purchased to make different espresso with.

Along with the multitude of ground coffee beans across the counter, in containers, and remainder waiting to be brewed, I was trying to think of what I could do with the grounds that were "not so perfectly fresh for espresso,"- as stated by barista cookie monster. 

AHA- cookies of course! What better to enjoy with your coffee, ahem, I mean all the cappuccinos with beautifully steamed milk. 

With coffee grounds I had inspiration to make a breakfast inspired cookie- not that they are breakfast cookies, but by all means, whatever floats your boat. I personally am an overnight oats or avo toast kinda girl (don't judge me on this) but I feel the need for sweet during the morning grind. 

So make your coffee, toss some grounds into this batter, and enjoy- whether morning, noon, or night.