Instead of posting a recipe this week, I decided I would round-up the recipes I am using this year for my Passover meals. (But by decided I really mean I was too busy to cook this week due to staring at pages of data and attempting to write an analysis for my thesis.) Many people associate the spring months with spring cleaning. As for those who celebrate Passover, it is customary to clean your home and car to ensure there are no traces of breadcrumbs. In general, I clean my house each week due to being a clean-freak (thanks mom for passing that down). Only to my joy this week did I find my dog ate garbage and not one, but two cereal boxes. Finding fruity pebbles in your couch crevices is not as fun as it might seem (unless you were saving it for a late night snack). But I suppose it is just the adventures of owning a mischievous dog. I wonder if this year if he will vacuum up my matzah crumbs...

But back to food!

Below I have posted recipes I have collected that are Paleo/GF/Passsover friendly. Many I will be making this year and I hope you try some too!

Sweet Eats: Flourless Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Avocado Frosting

This topped with Sweet Potato Caramel and some Strawberries

Because you always need some Cookies

Main Dishes:

Because I always need a Kale Salad

But don't forget Quinoa!

Latkes- because every Jewish holiday needs some, right?

And finally, it wouldn't be Passover without any Lamb.

Sip on this: My family made this drink last year and it was a huge hit. Stir things up a little and put this into the mix with your four cups of wine.

Happy matzah noshing!